Psychological party game

Create a thrilling story using the picture on the card and your imagination.


+ Suitable for beginners

+ Designed for 2-9 players

+ You can play anywhere & with anyone

+ Invokes a creative approach

About the game

It is a team card game consisting of 54 cards with the images of human actions.

The game is equally captivating for beginners and board game professionals who seek new ways to have a good time with  friends,  family, colleagues or acquaintances during the journey and at home.

Tereveni helps relieve stress, enables you to realize crucial things, and gives a new perspective to your current life situations since the game has many variations of usage and locations for playing.


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How to play «TEREVENI»?

Where can you play «TEREVENI»?

This game is universal.  It does not take up any space, it is not designed for any specific knowledge and does not require active movements, so it can be played anywhere. However, we will give you some examples of where «Tereveni» is most frequently played.


At home

To play with friends or family. It allows you to spend time with purpose, diversifies your leisure, and helps you speak about difficult things with ease.


At work

Tereveni is a cool tool for pumping creative thinking. It is an opportunity to see any situation from a new perspective.


On vacation

This game is a way to spend productive and fun time with your acquaintances & friends and improve communication skills.


During the journey

This trip will be the most fun! With Tereveni, you will create a relaxed atmosphere among the players. It will be a cool memory for you.

Benefits of «TEREVENI»



Tereveni creates an opportunity for social communication and interaction with other players. It’s a solid advantage during the digital age, when people spend time playing games on computers or smartphones. Playing card board games puts you face-to-face with other players, which enhances social interaction and promotes better communication.


Skills development

The game promotes the development of strategic thinking, logic, planning, cooperation, decision-making, and much more. Playing this game you develop cognitive and analytical skills, which are extremely useful even outside of the game.


Relaxation and rest

By playing this game, you can take your mind off your daily routine, relieve stress and enjoy time with friends or family. Tereveni creates a pleasant atmosphere and helps you relax after a busy day.


Portability and affordability

Tereveni is compact. You can take them with you anywhere: to a party, a picnic, or even a trip. It is suitable for a wide range of players as they do not require complex equipment or special skills.



The game has numerous options and strategies, enabling repeated gameplay. Each round will be unique, depending on the decisions you and your opponents make throughout the game. You can play the same game over and over and continue discovering new strategies and ways to win.


Fun times

While playing Tereveni, you often encounter unpredictable situations, unexpected turns of events, and humorous moments. They can create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where all players can have a good time together, laugh and enjoy the game.

How else can you use the game?


«Tereveni» is a considerable gift to friends, colleagues, and family. And most definitely for yourself 😉


«Tereveni» is a creative solution to discuss things that worry you in a game format.



Andriy Makiyan

I like that you can use the game anywhere. It is convenient. We played it outdoors with friends. We got lots of insights during the game 🔥 It turns out that people interpret one simple picture in completely different ways. A very exciting game.


Ihor Dudchenko

We tried to use this game to specifically wind down and get creative. And yet, no one expected such a result 💥 The cards seem simple, so do the actions depicted on them, but somehow the game generates so many exciting and funny moments!


Oleksiy Mykytenko

We played Tereveni in the car on our way to the Carpathians. It was funny and unexpected at times. I personally discovered an ecological way of speaking about my feelings and emotions.


Zhanna Sergienko

The game remained at home for a long time, waiting for its time. I took it with me on a trip abroad. Firstly, it was an interesting experience of practicing English during the game, and secondly, the game helped me meet a company of diverse people from different countries in the hostel. It's been an incredible experience.


Natalia Akulova

This is an addictive game, and the stories never repeat themselves! You can never get bored playing it. I took the game while traveling to pass the time, and it was the best decision:)

Each game is a separate storytelling process, because the interpretation of the pictures is greatly influenced by the mood of the players and their preferences. It was a mystery, a detective story, a thriller, and indeed a comedy. 🙈😂 During the game, you focus on creating a logical plot, on new facts from the pictures of other players, connecting fantasy and stories from life. And you don't notice how time flies. In the end you get fun leisure time with friends, support in forming opinions, new friends and a great pleasure.❤️

I sincerely recommend everyone to play tereveni and tell your unique story!

Game Authoress


Vera Romanova

  • The candidate of psychological sciences and practicing psychologist.

  • The methodologist game technician of the scientific and practical school of organizational and activity games under the leadership of Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Y. Shvalb.

  • The author of "Games and game technologies" and "Social animation" courses at Kyiv National University of T. Shevchenko.

  • The author of scientific articles on game technologies in psychology. 



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Learning&Development specialists



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  • What do I do if I lack ideas?

    If the game is running out of ideas, think of your favorite movie, book, or TV show. What might happen to your favorite characters in another time or place? Let your imagination run amock.


  • I don't understand what the card means.

    And that’s great, because you don't need to. You can interpret its meaning at your own discretion, because it is only your imagination that makes the call.

  • There are few /too many of us for this game

    It is just enough of you. There can be from  2 to 9 players in the game. And there are 54 cards in the deck. Therefore, you can split into several teams and play any number of rounds, changing players in the teams.

  • I get nervous when I need to tell a story

    Just begin. There are no wrong interpretations and no such thing as a bad story. The game "Tereveni" is an experience, a shared moment with your loved ones! In addition, you can always ask for help and tips from other players.

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